Are you struggling to find a
talented copywriter with a
real passion for renewable energy?

Writing effective marketing materials for renewable energy products isn’t easy.

First, you need a solid understanding of the global movement driving the all-important shift to renewable energy…

… including just how fast the technology and the market is moving right now in the solar PV, wind, and storage sectors.

Then you need to be able to write accurate, compelling sales copy that motivates buyers to say yes. How do you …

  • Demonstrate your company is a likeable expert your prospects can get to know, feel comfortable with, and trust?
  • Persuade prospects to put up their hand, express some interest, and enter your sales funnel?
  • Make life easier for your marketing department, sales department and yourself too?

I can help.

I’m Damon Wright, a freelance copywriter. Because I focus on renewable energy, I’m very informed about the exciting green revolution that’s sweeping the world right now.

I specialize in writing lead gen and content projects that get leads and close deals for renewable energy firms like yours.

Perhaps I can help you, too?

If so, let’s talk!

Contact me here to start a conversation.

Best Regards,

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Damon Wright