B2B Lead Gen Marketers:
Are You Part of the 61%?
Here’s Help …

A full 61% of B2B marketing directors say their #1 challenge is generating more leads.

I’m surprised that number isn’t higher.

Because without leads you have no sales. And without sales you have no renewable energy business.

So let’s see how we can make your lead generation efforts more effective than they are right now.

Who’s Your Prospect?

If you don’t have a crystal clear idea of your ‘most wanted prospect’ then that’s the first issue you have to address.

We’re talking about more than a job title here.

  • What are your ideal prospect’s concerns, needs, and priorities?
  • What ‘language’ do they speak best – financial, technical, marketing or something else?
  • What’s their biggest pain point?
  • What will make them look awesome at their job and impress their boss?

If you’re too vague (or off target) on any of these, then your lead gen efforts are going to be a waste of time.

Think about how your offer helps your prospect. Does it save them time, generate more money, or both? How does it make their day easier? What pressing, urgent problem is it solving?

Your headline and body copy need to be 100% focused on the solutions to these questions.

So What About Your Offer?

That brings us to your lead generation offer, which is necessarily different from your product.

Your product might be wind farm O&M services, or high performance solar modules, or a better and cheaper inverter or battery management system.

But that’s not your offer. Your offer’s the ‘bridge’ to help you sell the product later. It’s going to nudge your prospects as effectively as possible to the next stage of your sales funnel.

Are you asking them to attend a webinar .. download a white paper … request a free demonstration or information kit … invite them to a trade show … or solicit a phone consultation leading to a demonstration?

  • Which offer is likely to give them the best decision-making information as quickly and easily as possible?
  • Which offer is most convenient to them?
  • Which offer makes them want to respond RIGHT NOW?

There might be more than one correct answer, of course. You’ll probably have to test several different offers to see which one resonates best with your prospects.

But any successful offer is going to be one that’s totally focused on your prospect and his or her most urgent needs. Create the right offer, and suddenly your task of selling that offer becomes infinitely easier.

You’re not going to catch a fish with the wrong bait no matter how attractively you present it.

So understand your fish first … and then present exactly the kind of tasty bait your fish will find irresistible.

Do you have any questions about creating offers and the lead generation materials to ‘sell’ them to your ideal prospects? Feel free to Contact Me any time.