Meet Damon Wright:
Renewable energy copywriter,
scuba diver and all-round advocate
for saving the world from
climate change

I made more than a career change when I created this website and my renewable energy copywriting business.

You see, I was once a bit pessimistic about our future on this earth. Then I took the time to appreciate the very real threat of global warming and — more importantly — just how valuable renewable energy was for combating it.

And the more I read, the more enthusiastic I felt about contributing in some way.

Perhaps you can relate?

In fact, I love that renewable energy companies are out to do more than make a buck.

That means that when I write a piece of great copy for your product or service, I’m not just earning us a better living through increased visibility and sales … we’re helping the world become a better place too!

And even though I might be new to renewable energy, I’m definitely not new to writing copy that gets results.

That’s because I made a positive difference for all my past financial clients. I have a deep understanding of what motivates prospects to say yes and generate winning outcomes for your products and services.

I deliver high performance copy including email, web copy, content and lead-gen materials. Plus I create press releases, video scripts, email newsletters and social media strategy and content too.

All of it will meet your requirements and deadlines while doing exactly the job it’s meant to do: spark attention, inform, and persuade the reader to take the next step along the buying process.

That means no matter where your current marketing pain point lies, I can contribute and make your business life smoother and more profitable.

And just imagine not having to write all that stuff yourself!

I can give you extra hours every week so you can spend your time enjoying the other things you’d much rather be doing.

So let’s get in touch — I’d love to hear how we can help drive the ‘renewables revolution’ forward as a winning team … one kW, MW and GW of green energy at a time.

To learn more about the Services I offer, click here.

I have a full FAQ right here which tells you more about me and how I work.

And to see some of my Writing Samples, they’re right here at this link.