How I Can Help Build
Your Business As A
Renewable Energy Copywriter

I’m now offering my renewable energy copywriting services in a series of packages so you can quickly and easily …

  • Get a ballpark idea of my writing fees (the exact fee will depend on your specific needs), and
  • Understand the benefits and the process that goes into each project

Here’s what I have to offer you:

Site Strategy

Site Audit and Report Package: $500-$1,500
Boost search rankings and lead generation opportunities by finding gaps and opportunities on your existing website.
Click here for more details on the benefits and content of a Site Audit Package

Sales Funnel Content Marketing

Articles, Blog Posts and Other Short Content up to 1,000 Words: $250 – $750
Keep visitors coming back and clicking through to your offer with short content that both informs and soft-sells.
Click here for more details on the benefits and contents of a Blog Post Package

White Paper or Special Report/Ebook 2,500 – 5,000 Words: $2,500 – $3,500
The “longer version” of short content which provides highly useful information to leads plus a soft-sell at the end.
Click here for more details on the benefits and contents of a White Paper/Ebook/Special Report Package

Newsletters: $500 – $750/Issue
Ongoing emailed content featuring a short article as well as news and other items of interest to your prospects.
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Lead Generation

Short Landing Page for a Single Offer <500 words: $500 - $1,500
Generate leads with professional, conversion-focused copy that persuades prospects to opt in or sign up.
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Emails (Standalone and Series): $100 – $250/Email
Deepen customer relationships with effective lead generation and lead nurturing one warm and enticing message at a time. Or just reach out and grow sales with special promotions, invitations and more.
Click here for more details on the benefits and contents of a Stand Alone Email or Email Series Package


Press Release: $250
Get media attention and drive additional site visits.
Click here for more details on the benefits and contents of a Press Release Package

Linked In Profile: $150
Ensure your key talent and personnel are presented at their best for prospective clients.
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35-Point Website Audit Package: $500 – $1,500

Not sure why your site isn’t performing, even if it looks good to you?

Does your content work as it should … or as well as it could?

Using a structured 7-step approach, I measure your website against a 35 point checklist that covers your site’s identity, company information, content strength, link visibility and usefulness, navigation, graphics and animation, graphic design, and SEO essentials.

If your site is weak in any area (and most are!) my comprehensive but clear audit report will highlight where you need to correct problems …

… and transform areas of weakness into strength.

Each report includes:

  • A one page summary of the overall findings
  • Reviews of how your content reads, how it guides prospects through the sales process, how clear it is, and how it drives action
  • Recommendations for revising existing pages or writing new pages to ensure they are both usable and on-message
  • Annotated screenshots showing where key elements are missing or could be improved
  • Suggestions for additional site features to ensure your site is performing like the well-oiled prospect engagement and customer sales machine it’s supposed to be

Most site audit reports will be between 10-15 page long (possibly even more). Each report is a professional review of how your web content performs across the entire site.

To find out more about ordering a site audit that will give you precise information on what works on your site (and what doesn’t),

To find out more about ordering a Site Audit Package, please contact me here.





Articles, Blog Posts and Other
Short Content up to
1,000 Words: $250 – $750

Do you need to attract prospects to your website … or keep them on your site long enough to convince them you’re offering exactly what they need?

Your prospects want answers. They want information and recommendations.

As content marketing authority Copyblogger has noted, 60% of your selling is done through content before your prospects contact you.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to publish informative and useful articles in well-known trade magazines. Or else as blog posts somewhere on your own site.

But a random article with no clear plan is not much better than no article at all. That why when I write something for you, we’ll make sure it …

  • Establishes your USP (Unique Sales Proposition) by answering your prospect’s questions better than anyone else
  • Fits seamlessly into your sales funnel like a gear in the machine
  • Generates leads by providing quality information and a call to action
  • Motivates readers to spread your message far and wide through social media channels

Plus we’ll establish what strategic changes are needed over time based on reader response and feedback. That’s because content marketing is a process, not a campaign.

Let me help you deliver ongoing content that educates your customers until they’re ready to pick up that phone and call you.

To find out more about ordering a Short Content Package, please contact me here.





White Papers, Ebooks, Guides
and Special Reports
2,500 – 5,000 Words: $2,500 – $3,500

A white paper, ebook or guide is really just a much longer version of an article or a blog post. Plus of course it’s downloadable, and therefore it can generate leads if it’s done right.

That means all the same USP and ‘content as education’ criteria for successful articles and blogs apply. And a bit more too! We’ll need to discuss …

  • Where the document will fit into your overall content marketing strategy (and ultimately the sales funnel itself)
  • How to position the ebook with a winning premise, title and topic so it gets downloaded and read
  • What questions, needs and/or problems we want the ebook to address (not too many or too few)
  • How it should be formatted to look and feel
  • What actions we want the reader to take when he or she reaches that ‘a-ha!’ moment

Plus whatever else we decide is critical to make the guide or ebook a successful part of your marketing strategy.

To find out more about ordering a White Paper/Long Content Package, please contact me here.





$500 – $750/Issue

Do you have a newsletter already? Or are you thinking you might need one to maintain regular direct contact with your most important prospects and clients?

After all, newsletters are tremendously useful for generating leads and increasing sales, increasing client lifetime value, creating thought leadership, and providing content that can be shared far beyond your original network of contacts.

But only if every issue has a clear objective backed by high-quality content.

Is your existing newsletter too self-promoting? Too “me too”? Too lacking in unique content that’s useful, relevant and downright interesting to your prospects?

That’s why every client newsletter I work on begins with an Action Plan which ensures the newsletter starts (and stays) on focus week after week or month after month. Otherwise your newsletter quickly becomes a ‘delete key victim’.

I use the Action Plan to clarify all these key points and more:

  • Your firm’s key areas of expertise
  • What makes you truly different from the competition
  • Your target audience and ideal ‘most wanted reader’
  • Precisely what we’re going to be writing about, including useful topic ideas
  • A suitable voice and personality
  • Which regular sections should feature in every issue
  • A catchy and on-target newsletter name and tagline
  • Frequency of publication

All this will help us launch (or re-launch) a successful weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter your prospects and clients will enthusiastically anticipate, read and share as an effective lead nurturing tool.

To find out more about ordering a Newsletter Package, please contact me here.





Short Landing Page for a
Single Offer < 500 Words:
$500 – $1,500

You’ve worked hard to get your best prospects to your site. You’ve got them interested and ready to see more of what you’ve got.

Whether it’s a newsletter or a free white paper, ebook, special report, presentation, webinar, or anything similar …

… you’re ready to start converting casual prospects into hot leads by getting them onto your sacred leads database.

And that means engaging landing page copy that caters to results-oriented visitors ready to DO something about the problems you’ve solved for them.

I create compelling, laser-focused landing pages which ensure your prospects really do take action and sign up right now. We’ll start with a kickoff strategy session so we can examine some great ideas and concepts for your page.

Then I’ll work with a variety of attention-grabbing headlines, leads and short body copy to get your landing page precisely toned and targeted to maximize your opt-ins and conversions.

You’ll get landing page copy that’s ready to start building your business name by name in exactly the right way.

To find out more about ordering a Landing Page Package, please contact me here.





Emails (Standalone and Series):
$100 – $250/Email

Email is far from ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘yesterday’s news’.

In fact, it regularly outperforms glitzier and more ‘glamorous’ social media when it comes to sales and relationship-building.

That’s why I write subject lines that get opened quickly … interesting stories and themes that keep your prospects reading … and transitions that get them to take action and click on that all-important link to your landing page.

Do you need a few one-off emails to announce a new product?

Or a series of 3-7 lead generation or lead nurturing emails you can send out automatically to establish a relationship and show the value you offer in your higher-end service?

I can write either project to give you a unique voice that stands out from the crowd.

Just let me know your specific needs and I’ll create some irresistible emails that get ‘the click’ and real results you can measure.

To start, we’ll determine exactly what you need with a quick kickoff strategy session. Then I’ll get the themes and offers sorted and make sure everything flows seamlessly together with your landing page. You’ll get winning emails every time!

To find out more about ordering Stand-Alone Emails and Email Series Packages for your website, please contact me here.





Press Releases

An dash of publicity can do more to sell your company and its products than a thousand ads and articles.

So how do you make publicity happen? The quickest and easiest way to get attention is the traditional press release. After all, a good press release can be used as the basis for a feature story, an interview or anything reporters believe will interest their audience.

To maximize the chances the media will broadcast your message far and wide, we’ll determine what will make your press release truly newsworthy:

  • An appropriate headline and subheadline tied to a recent news story, industry trend, survey or other current event
  • Which key facts will quickly capture reporters’ attention and interest
  • What story makes the news release worthy of the reader’s full attention
  • What quotations from key company representatives should feature
  • The best call to action to conclude the story

When combined with your company’s boilerplate text and contact information, you’ll get a smooth-flowing, attention-grabbing press release written for maximum exposure.

To find out more about ordering a Press Release Package, please contact me here.





LinkedIn Profiles

Do the key people in your firm need their LinkedIn profiles updated and polished to sound truly professional?

In a past writing life, I created literally hundreds of high-impact resumes for professionals, managers and executives to showcase their skills and work history while helping them stand out from the crowd.

I can do the same career profile makeover for your key employees’ LinkedIn profiles too. I’ll determine how best to …

  • Highlight the best aspects of each individual’s educational and career background, special aptitudes and most notable achievements
  • Ensure your prospects are suitably impressed with the talent backing your company
  • Persuade those prospects to contact your key employees and establish a closer business relationship with your firm

To find out more about ordering a LinkedIn Profile Package, please contact me here.

I have samples of my work available for you to review too.

Still have more questions? Maybe my FAQ can help answer a few.